Our Services

Preventative Care

We focus our energy on disease prevention and early intervention rather than observation and reaction. Dentistry becomes extremely expensive when intervention only occurs once symptoms arise. Far better to be advised of problems when they can be managed simply, than waiting until you attend with pain only to be informed that the tooth can’t be saved, or will cost thousands of dollars to restore.

Family Dentistry

We cater for all ages, and welcome infants and toddlers for early screening. We have a premises that offers accessibility for wheelchairs, with wide opening doors to our surgeries.

Oral Surgery

Dr McCarthy has extensive experience in removing impacted wisdom teeth under intravenous sedation. Referral to a range of specialist surgeons is always available if you prefer a general anaesthetic in hospital, and for complex and risky cases.

Tooth coloured restorations

Current technology means we can now place tooth coloured restorations in virtually every situation. This means restored teeth look like teeth, not fillings or crowns. We utilize a wide range of technologies to produce highly aesthetic restorations including

  • composite resins
  • ceramic inlays and onlays
  • ceramic crowns utilizing a variety of ceramics depending on the requirements of each situation

Dental emergencies

Are you in pain, or have you just had an accident. Please let our reception staff know, and we will do our best to see you today. We allow time every weekday to cater for emergencies to ensure you do not have to wait to be seen.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We prefer the term aesthetic dentistry. Cosmetic sounds so “fake” and often looks this way after dental treatment. We prefer to offer solutions to enhance your smile in a way that is in harmony with your face. Every dentist offers cosmetic dentistry, but we want your friends and family to notice how good your smile looks, without realizing you’ve had dental treatment in the first place.

Nervous patients

Let’s face it. Most people don’t love attending the dentist. But for some, it is a terrifying experience. Our caring approach goes a long way to assist with those with dental anxiety. More importantly, having the experience and skill to manage problems professionally and precisely goes a long way to building confidence for those with anxiety.

For those who still need a little more help, we offer:

  • relative analgesia using nitrous oxide (commonly known as happy gas). Note that it is safe to drive home immediately afterwards.
  • IV sedation (or twilight dentistry) – this involves a suitably qualified dental sedationist attending for your procedures which allows us to perform treatments including general dentistry, dental implant placement or wisdom tooth surgery without you remembering the procedure afterwards

Teeth Straightening

Orthodontists are the true specialists when it comes to straightening your teeth, and we have excellent working relationships with a range of excellent orthodontists across Perth.  For adults considering straightening your teeth, be aware that once your teeth are straight, they will still need some work to perfect your smile. This is beyond what your orthodontist can offer you, and that is why we recommend having an aesthetically trained general dentist directing your orthodontic treatment plan.

For less complex aligning Dr McCarthy is a certified Invisalign provider (treating adults only), a certified advanced Inman Aligner provider and also has experience with active removable appliances and a range of clear aligner systems. He will consider your aesthetic goals within and offer a treatment plan that will aim to give you the best outcome, using a combination if treatment modes including orthodontics, tooth whitening and bonded aesthetic restorations.

Jaw problems

Wake up with headaches? Difficulty opening wide for dental treatment? Are your front teeth getting short from grinding? Our team is experienced in the assessment and management of a range of jaw disorders, many of which can contribute to the severity of headaches and migraines. Simple, non-invasive management strategies are on offer if required.

Yes – we can make snoring appliances if you have been diagnosed with mild sleep apnoea.

Dental Implants

Missing one or more teeth? Can’t or wont wear dentures. Dental implants are now the preferred mode of replacing missing teeth. We have a broad range of experience within our team which includes

  • the surgical placement of implants
  • the precise restoration of single teeth with highly aesthetic crowns
  • the replacement of small groups of teeth or entire sets of teeth to replace dentures
  • the replacement of all your teeth with implant supported prosthetic teeth in acrylic and ceramics


We provide laminated mouth guards of the highest quality for your protection while playing sports. A large range of colour combinations are available on request.