Oral Surgery

  • Oral Surgery


    We understand oral surgery can be a scary thought for many patients, but sometimes it is unavoidable. If an issue does arise, here at Applecross Dental Care you will be in safe hands, ensuring you’re comfortable and worry-free.

    We always aim to minimise the need for oral surgery, but sometimes it’s just necessary, especially if you are living with pain or discomfort.

    Dr. McCarthy and our team have extensive experience in removing impacted wisdom teeth under intravenous sedation.

    High-quality care is our absolute highest priority. We never cut corners for short-term financial gain. Our attention to detail is the Applecross Dental Care difference.

    We can also refer you to a range of specialist surgeons who are always available if you would prefer general anaesthetic in a hospital, or for complex and risky cases. Your safety and peace of mind is our top priority and there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be comfortable during your treatment.