Are Dental Implants Covered By My Health Insurance?

Dental Implants

Getting your teeth or a single tooth permanently replaced is considered a major dental procedure. That’s how the insurance companies look at it anyway. 

So, if you’re considering dental implants and want to know whether you’re covered by health insurance, you’ll need to check what type of cover you have. If you have major dental and have been covered for a while, you might be pleasantly surprised at the cash return some providers offer.

To help you better understand what percentage of your dental implants are covered, let’s look at the various procedures available and what some of the big health insurance companies offer to Perth residents.

What types of dental implants are available?


Single tooth dental implant

Single Tooth Implants

This procedure is an option for anyone having a tooth extracted or who has lost a tooth that couldn’t be refitted. The dental implant is inserted into the gap without any need to reshape surrounding teeth. 

Multiple Tooth Implants

If you need multiple teeth replaced, there are a couple of solutions. If the teeth are in a row, you can choose to have a dental bridge. A dental bridge uses two implants to stabilise the row of teeth. However, the preferred option is to use multiple dental implants as they have less chance of coming loose and are more resistant to decay. Your dentist will suggest the best option for your situation.

All-on-Four Implants

All-on-Four dental implants, also known as a full-arch dental implant, is designed for people who have lost all or most of their teeth and prefer not to have dentures. Four to six dental implants anchor the new set of teeth in place. While All-on-Four implants are permanently fixed in place they can be removed by a dentist for periodical cleaning.

How much can you claim back on dental implants?



All health insurance companies have different policies when it comes to dental implants. To give you an idea of what is covered, let’s look at three of WA’s top health insurers, HBF, Medibank and Bupa.


If you’re covered for Major Dental and Implants, your HBF cover will include treatments to repair or replace teeth. This service includes:

  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Endodontics
  • Implants

Rebates can vary depending on the length of time you’ve had your cover. Unless stated, you’ll need a minimum of 12 months major dental cover before you can claim. There are multiple cover options from HBF, below is a link to the current cover options and annual limit for claims on dental services.



Medibank also offers major dental cover which can be used for a range of services. There are similar annual limits per person. These are dependent on the claim-back percentage you select and the premium you pay. Check the link below to see what return you’ll  get on dental implants.



Bupa offers multiple extras options with major dental covered, including dental implants. Like most health insurance companies, the higher the level of cover you have the higher the return. Click the link below and find out what level of cover suits you.


Whether you have health insurance or not, your first point of contact should be Applecross Dental Care. Once we examine your teeth and diagnose a solution, you’ll have a clear understanding of associated costs and whether there’ll be any out-of-pocket expenses.  

As an HBF Member Plus dental practice, we help HBF members minimise expenses associated with preventative dental treatment. To find out more about dental implants and whether it’s the best option for you, contact Applecross Dental Care.  

All health insurance information stated in this article is correct as of 30/09/2022. For full details on costs, out-of-pocket expenses, annual limits, waiting periods and weekly/monthly/annual fees contact your health insurance provider.