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Anxiety about a visit to the dentist can cause patients to put off necessary care, resulting in poor dental and overall health outcomes. We are dedicated to addressing the concerns of nervous patients so that everyone can access high quality, ongoing care for their teeth.

At Applecross Dental Care we strive to reassure all our patients in our comfortable, welcoming setting. If anxiety is still an issue, we are also skilled in offering safe sleep dentistry (also known as twilight or sedation dentistry) to allow patient access to treatment. Sleep dentistry typically uses either relative analgesia using nitrous oxide (commonly known as happy gas) or IV sedation, in which a qualified doctor attends your procedure to undertake sedation. Under the appropriate level of sedation, we can undertake a range of procedures without you feeling stressed or concerned.

Offering light sedation with sleep dentistry is one way we help our patients access the high-quality care they deserve while providing relief from the anxiety that many have during dental procedures.

At Applecross Dental Care, we go the extra mile to provide more than just top-quality services—we also aim to form long-term relationships with our patients and foster an environment of trust. That way, no matter how bad your dental anxiety is, you can feel comfortable with our dentists. We also promise:

  • Minimally invasive, evidence-based techniques
  • Caring attentive staff
  • The latest equipment and dental technology
  • Easy, flexible scheduling
  • Convenient payment options with transparent billing practices
  • Lasting results
If you’ve ever experienced a rush of anxiety around dental procedures or had a strong gag reflex reaction during a dental procedure, you are not alone! Many people feel queasy and anxious about going to the dentist, but when you work with us, you don’t have to just grin-and-bear-it to get the healthy, bright smile you deserve. We offer a wide range of sleep dentistry and sedation solutions.
Often called happy gas, nitrous oxide is a gas that will help you relax during your dental procedure. It wears off quickly and is a great option if you want sedation but need to drive the same day as your visit.
Oral sedatives often won’t put you to sleep unless you’re already tired, but they will help you feel less anxious. They need to be taken about an hour before your visit in most cases.
The strongest form of sedation dentistry, intravenous sedatives are sometimes called general anesthesia. These sedatives are delivered via an IV, and their effects vary based on the sedative used. Some can achieve a “Twilight” sedation where you’re still awake. Other put you under.
While not a form of sedation, local anesthetics allow us to numb the area being worked on. If you don’t have severe dental anxiety, these numbing agents may be enough. We’ll always listen to your concerns when choosing a sedation or numbing option.

Discover Anxiety-Free Dental Care

If you are tired of feeling anxious during your dental visits, or if dental anxiety is keeping you from getting the oral care you need, try our sleep dentistry services.