Dental Implants

  • Dental Implants

    Looking For Dental Implants In Applecross, Perth WA

    AppleCross dental Implants

    Missing one or more teeth? Can’t or won’t wear dentures.
    Dental implants are now the preferred mode of replacing missing teeth.

    Patients tend to prefer a Dental implant over the other options because it is the option that most resembles and acts like a natural tooth.

    Applecross Dental have a broad range of experience within our team which includes

    • the surgical placement of implants
    • the precise restoration of single teeth with highly aesthetic crowns
    • the replacement of small groups of teeth or entire sets of teeth to replace dentures
    • the replacement of all your teeth with implant-supported prosthetic teeth in acrylic and ceramics

    The first step towards a dental implant is to organize a consultation appointment where we will discuss all your options, costs and check if you are a suitable candidate.